What is the Sapphic Quill?

Sapphic fiction is a small niche that is special in a lot of ways. Advice that is valid for “mainstream” genres often doesn’t work for authors of sapphic books.

Jae, a veteran author of sapphic fiction, has created the Sapphic Quill to foster collaboration, offer cross-promotion opportunities, and provide fellow authors with genre-specific advice on how to write, publish, and market sapphic books.

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Cross-promotion opportunities

Team up with a strong network of sapphic fiction authors to reach more readers and introduce your books to more fans of your genre! 

This year, Jae and the Sapphic Quill are planning cross-promotions such as:

  • Sapphic Pride Month Trivia
  • Give Something Away Day
  • Sapphic Book Advent Calendar
  • Giveaway of the Month
  • Sapphic Book Bingo
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If you’re an author of sapphic fiction, you can join the Sapphic Quill Facebook group.

It’s a group where authors of sapphic fiction can discuss writing, publishing, and marketing; support each other; ask for advice; and share news & resources.

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