Why cross-promote?

It’s hard to market a book by yourself.

That’s why I’m offering cross-promotions for sapphic fiction authors on the Sapphic Quill. Teaming up with fellow  authors allows you to tap into the platforms your colleagues have already built. It increases your visibility and introduces your book to more readers than you could reach on your own.

Cross-promotions for sapphic fiction authors - Illustration of women cross-promoting

Requirements for participating in a cross-promotion

For most promotions, any author of sapphic fiction can participate, no matter if they’re an indie author or traditionally published. There’s only one requirement: Every author has to help promote the event.

Cross-promotions only work if everyone helps to spread the word. Authors who don’t promote won’t be invited back because it’s not fair to the other participating authors.

How to cross-promote

I’ve put together a blog post with my top 5 tips for successful cross-promotions. It contains the dos and don’ts of how to participate in a cross-promo.

Cross-promotions for sapphic fiction authors

The following cross-promotions are open to any author of sapphic fiction: 

Marketing opportunities for new authors

Authors who have published no more than two novels can submit a book to the following two promo opportunities.

IMPORTANT: If you publish under multiple pen names and have published more than 2 novels across all pen names, you are NOT a new author. The “new author” spots are meant to help authors just starting out, not authors who are trying to establish a new pen name. I offer other opportunities to more experienced authors.

Upcoming BookFunnel cross-promotions

BookFunnel is a great tool for authors. Among other things, they offer group promotions that help you grow your mailing list or get your books in front of more readers.

I put together a list of upcoming BookFunnel cross-promotions for sapphic fiction authors and authors of LGBTQ books.

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