About the Sapphic Quill

Illustration of a rainbow quill - The Sapphic Quill is a website for sapphic fiction authors

There are a lot of tips and resources available on how to write, publish, and market a book. But over the years, I’ve found out the hard way that what’s valid advice in many “mainstream” genres doesn’t always apply to sapphic books.

Our small niche is special in a lot of ways, and that means what works in other genres often doesn’t work for sapphic fiction authors at all.

There isn’t much information out there that is tailored specifically to authors of sapphic fiction. While there are sapphic publishing houses, reviewers, podcasts, conferences, newsletters, and ad spaces, all those helpful websites and organizations are scattered all over the Internet, which makes them hard to find. 

With the Sapphic Quill, I’m hoping to give sapphic fiction authors a website where they can find all resources they will need to successfully write, publish, and market their books in one handy place. My goal is to help authors write novels readers will love, share their stories with the world, and find more readers for their books.

About Jae

Jae - founder of the Sapphic Quill, a website for sapphic fiction authors

I’m Jae, author and avid reader of sapphic romances.

When I first started writing sapphic fiction, there was no community of writers, readers, and reviewers in my native language, German. I started to write in English, and by doing so, I found the community I desperately wanted and needed as a queer woman who’d grown up in a tiny little village with no openly LGBTQ people.

I published my first sapphic novel in 2007 and have since written 23 romance novels, about two dozen short stories, as well as five craft books for writers.

In 2013, I gave up my day job as a psychologist to write full-time, and I still feel lucky every day that I get to live my dream.

I’ve always had a passion not just for writing but also for teaching and networking. I earned a certificate in editing from the Academy of German Book Trade, have helped writers revise their manuscripts in my role as Ylva Publishing’s senior editor, and have mentored new writers for the GCLS Writing Academy.

For the past 5+ years, I’ve also put together many fun events for readers such as my annual reading challenges (Sapphic Book Bingo), hosted fellow authors in my Facebook group, and organized big cross-promotions in which hundreds of authors participated.

I’m a firm believer in mutual support, uplifting one another, and giving back to the community. With this website, I’m hoping to achieve all of that and to be able to help more writers, especially those who are struggling or just starting out.

A rising tide lifts all boats

A rising tide lifts all boats or in this case all sapphic fiction authors

When I first started promoting books by fellow authors in my reading challenges, a startled reader emailed me and asked: “Why are you helping the competition?”

But here’s the thing: I never believed that my fellow authors are “the competition.” After running the Sapphic Book Bingo for several years, I know that sapphic fiction readers are voracious readers. Many of them read hundreds of books each year, and they read way faster than any author could ever write.

Books aren’t like cars, where you buy one and then you’re set for the next decade. Readers don’t exclusively read books by just one author.

As authors, our community is our strongest asset. If authors work together, everyone stands to gain.